Our Team

The strength of our organisation stems from the wide ranging knowledge, skill and experience of its members. We have a strong network of associate consultants available to work with us on projects.

Prab Mistry MSc(Eng), DIC, PhD, CEng, FIChemE

Prab is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He is a technical strategist with over 25 years of experience in environment and energy areas applied to agriculture, food processing, chemical and biochemical manufacture. His PhD research was based on process development and economic engineering of bioenergy/AD systems. He has a strong background in managing R&D and commercialisation projects and has undertaken projects for the UK Government, sector associations and private sector companies. He has led multidisciplinary teams on plant feasibility and investment appraisals and completed over 20 overseas assignments on application of waste management systems, investigative cleaner production and environmental compliance management for major public sector clients in Europe, China and India. In the UK, Prab has been at the forefront of bioenergy and AD strategies and has advised Defra, DfT and DECC on the policy and implementation measures to maximise renewable resources from agricultural, food processing and municipal wastes. From 2003 to 2010 Prab played a key role in providing technical and programme support to the Carbon Trust; and in relation to the Climate Change Agreements, he has undertaken numerous and diverse activities with individual facilities in a range of sectors.

Prab works in collaboration with a number of associates who between them cover a very broad range of expertise in energy and management related fields, as indicated below:

Hiroo Chothia FCMI, FIC, MIOD, MBA

Hiroo is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting. She combines a strong background in senior management, with specific expertise in Organisational Development, Change and Emotional Intelligence, gained both within the commercial and public sector. An experienced international management consultant, facilitator and executive coach who has worked with middle and senior teams as well as Boards of public, commercial, and the not-for-profit sector clients on a broad ranging development portfolio, from implementation of sustainable growth strategies; situational analysis; mergers and acquisitions; executive development; organisational health checks to cross cultural issues. She is also well versed with design and delivery of ‘whole system’ interventions and is particularly interested in the interface between organisation and individual effectiveness - maximising health, performance and sense of wellbeing. Hiroo is also a member of the Institute of Directors and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and has until recently held a Non-Executive Directorship for eight years within a large and diverse healthcare organisation serving one-third of London’s population.

Peter Faircloth BSc, M.Nat.Res, Dip.Geosci

Peter Faircloth is a financial and environmental economist with 35 years’ experience working in the consulting, public and academic sectors. He is qualified in mathematics and economics, natural resources management, mineral economics and professional management, and has a solid grounding in physics. He has worked in a number of resource sectors, including hydro-power development, forestry, aquaculture; renewable energy and the environment (waste management, water and air quality sectors). His areas of expertise are policy analysis; strategic planning; project preparation; cost-benefit analysis and economic evaluation; business planning and investment analysis; and pricing, tariff, affordability and cost-recovery analysis. He is a skilled financial modeller and adept in applying DCF techniques (CBA, cost-effectiveness analysis and average incremental cost analysis) to project evaluation and investment appraisal; the EU grant calculation methodology; and tariff determination against affordability and financial sustainability constraints. He has worked in Australia, Central and Eastern Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union, China, India, and a number of countries in Africa as well as the United Kingdom.

Ed Gmitrowicz BSc, MSc, MCIWEM, CWEM, CSci

Ed has significant experience in investigating and developing markets for technology based products and delivering technical services. He has worked in environmental and sustainable energy consultancy as well as in the privately owned waste management sector. Ed was a Director of Future Energy Solutions, the sustainable energy business of AEA Technology, with successive responsibility for the international and UK divisions and worked on a number of projects sponsored by the international funding agencies, including the European Commission and the Asian Development Bank. He was also the Commercial Director of Inetec Ltd a venture capital funded company developing and marketing solutions for the treatment of organic wastes from the food and drink sector. Ed is an experienced and PRINCE2 accredited project manager with experience of the management and direction of large environmental projects. He served as a project manager and later as the Programme Director of Envirowise in Wales aimed at delivering major initiatives under resource efficiency programmes. Ed is currently involved in the delivery of resource efficiency projects in the hospitality and food service sector, advising companies on the prevention and improved management of wastes across all business operations. He also has experience in water management and has managed and participated in projects relating to marine and freshwater water quality, abstraction licensing, land reclamation and water quality policy in the UK and in Asia.

John Huddleston MBE, BSc, CEng, CPhys, MInstP

John has over 25 years experience working in the area of industrial energy efficiency. His major areas of expertise are in Climate Change Agreements, industrial energy efficiency and government energy policy. John was the technical manager for UK Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme in industry and was the UK Government’s principal technical consultant on Climate Change Agreements for over ten years. He has contributed to the development of policy, implementation and training which has required extensive liaison with companies in industry, sector associations and Government. In addition to this he has worked on studies and evaluations for the European Commission. In 2011 he was awarded an MBE for services to the Environment.

Mark Lewitt BSc, CChem

Mark is a qualified chemist and he has over 25 years’ experience in R&D, technical support and energy and environmental consultancy. From 2003 to 2010 Mark worked for AEA. He played a major role in providing programme impact assessment for the Carbon Trust from 2004 to 2010 which included collation, assessment and presentation of large data sets. He was involved in the development and implementation of the methodologies for assessing performance assessment of programmes delivering guidance across the industrial public and commercial sectors. He undertook a number of activities in relation to the Climate Change Agreements dealing with individual facilities in a range of sectors. This included working with sites in the food production, preparation and distribution sectors. Mark acted as a technical specialist supporting the UK Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme’s Energy Technology list mainly covering boilers and related technologies. This involved extensive stakeholder engagement for collection of technical and market information to provide status assessments and forecasts.

Anjana Nathwani (UK/India)

Anjana is a Business Psychologist leading and navigating her clients internationally, providing a wide range of consultancy and development support to senior management. Her specific services include leadership development, inclusion and diversity, human resources capability building, leadership development for high potential female talent and research.  She is currently supporting clients in relation to doing business in Asia and the Indian sub-continent. She is respected for creativity and pragmatism and contributes frequently at conferences.

Paul Stevenson

Paul is an energy/ carbon consultant, with strong technical knowledge across all high-temperature/ energy-intense industries, as well as many process/ engineering Industries. He has 20 years experience in designing energy and sustainability strategies and policies for Government, industrial sectors and individual Enterprises. Other skills and experience include: energy and carbon accounting (including Carbon Trust Standards accredited); energy-efficiency and BAT, Energy Management Systems – bespoke support and training, National and Regional energy supply and demand balances and heat mapping - for prospective Energy-from-Waste DHS.

Raj Telang (US/India)

Raj is an experienced professional over 20 years of experience in advanced decision analysis for strategic and tactical business decisions and in electrical engineering and automation. He has applied advanced analytics techniques in service industry, food and beverage industry, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, financial sector among others. He brings in multiyear experience in applying sound knowledge of Operations Research and business understanding to provide a rational approach to business issues. He has been affiliated with companies such as Siemens, Kroger, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Bank of New York Mellon among others.

 ‘Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved in experimenting with his own life.’ - Herbert Otto