What We Offer

EHV provides research, development and technology implementation skills in:

  • Low carbon and green investment opportunities
  • Energy and environmental policy and strategy
  • Food production, processing and supply
  • Renewable bioenergy, including biomass sustainability
  • Resource use optimisation
  • Waste minimisation, treatment and management
  • Compliance management – regulatory, economic & CSR 

A high level examination of an organisation’s activities can help to point to any such needs. There are often business costs that could be turned into profits by investing in time, capital or human resources. We can also help organisations comply with UK/European environment and sustainability regulations and take advantage of current Government incentives for renewable energy (ROCs, FITs, RHI) and energy efficiency schemes such as CCA, CRC and EU ETS.

Research, Development & Commercialisation

The economic importance of innovation has emerged as a central theme among governments and fast growing organisations. Increasingly firms, especially those in the UK are investing not only in fundamental R&D but also in application development work. EHV has access to laboratories of universities and research organisations in the UK and India. Depending on the type of R&D requirements, we can help you plan and set up with the right organisation - be it for fundamental research, product development or testing - by:

  • Targeting innovation for your business needs
  • Undertaking/Contracting R&D
  • Objective setting, planning and experiment design
  • Management of R&D to deliver results in cost-effective manner
  • Helping to link University R&D to Industry – networking, guest lecturing
  • Supervision of R&D activities and reports
  • Preparation of tenders and grant applications

Implementing Change

Implementing any change starts by outlining it in the form of a well defined project. EHV can help accelerate this by:

  • Assessing technology options (current and those at development stage);
  • Undertaking detailed project feasibility (including EIA, planning, authorisations);
  • Making or supporting Board level presentation, and providing any analysis towards key decisions;
  • Advising or undertaking assignments for establishing the project, including procurement;
  • Undertaking project management and provide project implementation support as required; and
  • Offering ongoing training and staff support (including regulatory compliance management and capacity building).

‘We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.’ – George Bernard Shaw